As recognized experts in specialized program management, supply chain management, business case analysis, and technical services, PAL serves federal agencies including the Department of Defense and a variety of commercial customers. 

With some of the most capable staff available in the industry, PAL provides a wide range of program management, performance-based logistics, supply chain management, and information technology services to a broad spectrum of government and industry organizations. The highly talented professionals of PAL’s consulting groups provide independent program management and technical expertise support to program offices, aircraft depots and supply centers within DoD as well as other federal agencies and industry. PAL’s greatest asset – its highly skilled and experienced analysts and experts – make significant contributions to a wide range of programs and activities including the F/A-18, AV-8B (F402 Engine), H-60, DSCR, Department of Education and other activities.

PAL’s years of experience in consulting enable us to deliver innovative results-driven solutions to government and commercial clients.
   PAL Services was the recipient of DLA’s “Innovative Business Performer of the   Year Award” in 2008 and 2009 for its innovative support to the Aviation Customer Operations Directorate at DSCR (Richmond, VA)
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