PAL offers a variety of benefits as part of its compensation package. Here is a list for your review.

  • TIME OFF BENEFITS: Enjoy time off on us!  Time with family, friends or even a day to yourself is a great way to get refreshed.  Work life balance means a more productive workforce.  That’s why PAL offers time off benefits including paid vacation and paid holidays.
  • HEALTH/WELLNESS BENEFITS: Healthy people mean a healthy workforce.  PAL understands that a comprehensive health and wellness program is the key to maintaining a healthy workforce.  PAL offers comprehensive health coverage including medical and dental insurance plans.
  • INCOME-PROTECTING BENEFITS: PAL offers insurance plans to provide you peace of mind.  PAL’s benefits program includes life, short term and long term disability insurance plans to replace a portion of your income in the event of injury, illness or death.
  • FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS: PAL offers IRS 125 flexible spending accounts allowing employees to reserve pre-tax dollars in a health care or dependent care spending account.  Election amounts are flexible so you remain in control of your spending needs.
  • RETIREMENT PLAN: Achieving your retirement and savings goals is simplified through PAL’s 401(k) Retirement Plan.  The plan is a convenient way for employees to save for retirement and meet future financial goals.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING: PAL supports employees through education and training benefits including a education assistance program.  This program covers tuition and fees up to an annual maximum in an employee’s pursuit of higher education.
  • RECRUITMENT REFERRAL BONUS PROGRAM: PAL is always looking for exceptional talent and has implemented a recruiting incentive for employees to refer candidates to the company.
  • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Life can be overwhelming at times, but with PAL’s Employee Assistance Program, help is just a call away.  It is available to all employees and their family members at no cost.   Employees and their family members may consult the program staff for virtually any problem they might encounter from finding a daycare to meet your family’s needs to valuable resources about coping with major life events and it is strictly confidential.
  • OTHER WORKLIFE PROGRAMS: PAL recognizes the importance of balancing work and life issues. Employees and their family members are eligible for special group rates on voluntary supplemental insurance, cancer and critical illness insurance programs.